About us

Fruit and Vegetables Processing Plant
in Środa Wlkp. Sp. z o.o.


Who are we?

Fruit And Vegetable Processing Plant is one of the biggest producers of frozen fruits and vegetables in Great Poland.

We have gained a long-standing experience and knowledge, thanks to which we can fulfill our mission. Our mission is to understand the needs of our clients and to offer better and more competitive products and services. Our main aim is a production of the best quality products and coming up to people's expectations.

To reach our goals we continuously improve our products and services:

  • we care for the quality of our raw materials

  • we care for the best quality of produced wares and services

  • we adjust our offer to the individual clients’ needs


The most significant value of Fruit And Vegetable Processing Plant in Środa Wielkopolska is experienced staff and technical equipment. We have access to the best raw materials which are used in the technological process. Our products are of the greatest quality and thanks to our satisfied clients we are still extending our offer.

Thanks to our knowledge and experience we are appreciated and trusted by our consumers and our partners. Honesty is the basis of our company. We are becoming better and better day by day. What is more, we are becoming more competitive because we introduce a lot of new products and services.

We would like to operate in accordance with our core values: highest quality and consumers' satisfaction.

Our values:

  • Our client is our employer

  • Each client is important

  • Each client is treated individually

  • We adjust our services to clients’ special needs, requirements and expectations.

Where are we going? What we would like to achieve?

In order to ensure maximum availability of our products we are open to the market’s need. Our aim is to achieve success and we continually raise the quality of our services and products by implementing specialist and modernized appliances. We are the company which employs well-qualified staff. Our employees have vast knowledge and long experience in food processing. We are open to the new contacts and new markets in the West and East Europe.

Our offer.

Our raw materials are of the highest quality. All products come from the local producers or from our base so that they are not transported and they are not exposed to the fall of the quality. We ensure our clients the opportunity of stable business relationships.

 Who can be our new client?

Our clients are companies which process fruit and vegetable. We also invite those who would like to purchase and then sell our products.

What makes our company so special?

What makes our company distinctive is:

  • constantly supervised base of raw materials

  • experienced staff whose significant part are women

  • geographical location

  • opportunity of product processing based on our 30 years experience

If you have not visited us yet, click contact, choose telephone number and call – we will arrange a meeting and you will check the effects of cooperation.

We ensure the high quality of our products and services and competitive prices.