Green peas and carrots

It is a delicious side dish to our meals. It is a mixture of vegetables reach in both provitamins and vitamins A and D.

What is more, it is a source of calcium, magnesium and potassium.

It belongs to products which bring back pleasant memories and at the same time it stimulates the appetite. Green peas and carrots added to the main course are not only colourful and appetizing but also look very attractive on the plate. In addition, they enriche the nutritional value of the meal. Before they are frozen, they undergo a process of careful selection, cleaning and cutting. When buying the frozen food, we choose a product which is tasty, aromatic and healthy. Thanks to nature we may achieve the perfect taste of our frozen food. Peas prevent from appendicitis and they lower cholesterol level. It contains a lot of fibre.

Preservation (unless product is thawed):

-6°C 4 days
-12°C 1 month
-18°C and below until the expiry date placed on the packaging

Nutritional value 100g:

Energy 164 kJ / 39 kcal
Protein 2,6g
Carbohydrate 10,4g
Fat 0,3g
  • Keep frozen until ready to use
  • Never refreeze thawed product


Put frozen food into the pot without defrosting. Stew in the small amount of the salted water with 1-2 tablespoons of butter. Add salt and sugar to taste, sprinkle it with some flour and boil it. Serve as an appetizer to the main course. After cooking the frozen food you may also strain it off, pour with melted butter or sprinkle it with brown breadcrumbs.